This page shows how to ad an internal stylesheet to your web site. While any CSS can be added to the stylesheet, this page shows how to add basic styles to hyperlinks.

This method is handy for single page websites. To make an Internal stylesheet for styling hyperlinks, wrap the CSS code within the style tag and insert it inside the head of a HTML document to control hyperlink style on that document. See below for example code ..

a:link {
color: blue;
text-decoration: underline;

a:visited {
color: purple;
text-decoration: underline;

a:hover {
color: red;
text-decoration: none;


color: blue, purple, red = Variable color of hyperlink. Color names or hex codes can be used.

text-decoration: none = No underline. underline = Underlined hyperlink.

See also External Stylesheet for Multi Page Websites.

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