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What Is A Hyperlink?

A hyperlink is an element such as an image or some plain text on a web page which points to either:

Other File Types

Hyperlinks can also point to files which are not web pages such as graphics, photos, document files, executable programs, zip files and more. A common use for hyperlinking to files which are not web pages is to point to a file which is intended to be downloaded.

Arrow Pointer and Hand Curser

When you hover your mouse pointer over a hyperlink, the arrow curser will turn into a pointing hand which means you can click it and go to the destination where the hyperlink points to. That's why it is said: "The hyperlink points to a {particular} address".

Status Bar

The destination address of the hyperlink becomes visible in the Status Bar when you hover the mouse over it. In most cases, the Status Bar is located in the bottom left hand corner of your web browser. If your Status Bar is not visible, it could be switched off. You can turn it on by checking your browser settings.

Hand Pointer and Status Bar Example

Hand Pointer and Status Bar Example

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Sometimes the destination address is not visible when you hover over a hyperlink. If the Status Bar is switched on, it means that the hyperlink owner has programmed the Status Bar to show nothing, scrolling text, or a fake destination address.

The address of a web page is located in the top of your web browser so you can tell where exactly on the Internet the page you are loading or reading is located.


The default style of unvisited text hyperlinks is blue underlined while the default color for visited hyperlinks is purple underlined. These days many Webmasters use CSS to style the look and feel of hyperlinks into an unlimited number of color, underline, hover, and background color combinations to produce some amazing interactive effects.

HTML Hyperlink Codes

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